The first ranking wine growing villages of the region - besides the name bearing Tokaj - are Tolcsva, Mád, Tarcal and Tállya, where even by the Europe's first wine growing field classification in 1772, the majority of lands was classified as first class. Even among them, Tállya, as "oppodium" had the utmost of vineyards before the phylloxera at the end of the 19th century (922 ha/1873), but by today has got the silver medal behind Mád, with 649 ha (1992).

Following the invasion of Mongolians in 1241, the Hungarian king invited Walloon and Italian settlers to people the region, who found fine lands, appropriate for viticulture at the region of Tállya and began to clear the slopes from the scrub and named the new village according to this: Taille, that means pruning which refers to the reorganized viticulture.
The importance of Tállya heavily grew after the invasion of Turcs occupying the southern vineyards of Hungary in the 15th century, when the exportation of Tokaj wines increased mainly for the Northern countries of Europe, such as Sweden, Germany, Poland and Russia.

This ever increasing export activity organized for itself a route for the North from Tokaj trough Tállya-Kassa-Eperjes-Bártfa-Cracow-Warsaw-St.Petersburg which was called during its more than 300 years operation as the Historical Wine Route of Tokaj wines on which salt was transported by the carriers backway.

The export of wines from Tállya peaked in the 18th century, when reached a yearly amount of more than 350.000 litres, simultaneously with the population which was 4400 in 1785 and reached 5240 in 1850. Following this, gradually decreased, partly due to the migration after the phylloxera, partly later by the economic crises and wars, and the industrialization of the region during the sixties of the 20th century and is 2375 by today (1990).
The majority of families owns vineyard, smaller or greater pieces of land around the village, but disregarding a small minority, it does not give a wellfare for them, due to their size, skills and equipping.

According to topographical measurements, Tállya is the geodesic centre of the continental Europe, which fact is monumented in the center of the village.


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